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35 Reflections on Life and Business

Recently I celebrated my 42nd birthday. I took some time to reflect on life and business. Here are some of the top things I have learned: 1. Relationships with depth, trust, and intimacy are the primary way to achieve lasting contentment in life. 2. Have a clearly defined personal mission. The reasons behind your actions have a profound impact on how others experience you—having a clear why serves as a north star during trying times and inspires others to join in the journey with you. 3. Who you are is more important than what you do. A wise mentor has […]

Past Shapes Present

William Wordsworth, a well-known 18th century English poet, wrote: “Life is divided into three terms – that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present, to live better in the future.” Wordsworth was making a salient point: Our past experiences shape our present reality, and how we steward today impacts our future. Before founding Simple Modern in 2015, I worked for a non-profit ministry for nine years, and that experience powerfully shaped my approach to business and culture. Three lessons, in particular, stuck with me as […]

Creative Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the five core values of Simple Modern. We believe that teams produce better results than individuals, so collaboration plays a significant role in the day-to-day structure of our company. We view every interaction with our teammates, manufacturers, partners, and customers as an opportunity to work together. This environment of collaboration plays a critical role in our process of creating world-class products. We define collaboration as solving problems by incorporating the strengths and ideas of the entire team. Collaboration is almost always helpful, but this is especially true in creative endeavors. Research has shown that in procedural […]

Why Simple Modern Exists

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